Blog Moved

As part of my announcement today, I have mirrored all of the content that was previously on this blog over to As such, all of my blogging will continue at that site, and will become solely a corporate page for Evolve.

DNS Demystified

The first session of the week is “DNS Demystified.” All OSX systems really like Good DNS, and it has been critical for me, as your system admin, to make sure that DNS is configured properly.

It’s always good to sit in a refresher session, and any would be Mac admin needs to have a solid understanding of DNS.

MacWorld Day 1- Tuesday

Due to inclement weather, I arrived in San Francisco around 10:30 on Tuesday, rather than the originally planned Monday night. ┬áMy friend Tom was meeting Alex Payne from Twitter for lunch, and I was able to join them. It was a really great experience, to be able to see the Twitter office, with several Bike racks in the office (on the 6th floor, mind you), open spaces, and monitoring displays on one of the walls showing statistics, as well as one giant screen positioned sideways that had a twitterfall of complaints about twitter’s service. When you are the backchannel, it’s best to have a good handle on your own.

Tom and I picked up our MacWorld badges, as well as our goodie bags (which contained an iPad nicely bound pad of paper with MacWorld branding.)

We then met up with Chuck Goolsbee of Digital.Forest for a couple drinks, before carrying on the remainder of the evening with a couple of friends of Tom’s.

This morning, I was able to meet Peter Cohen- editor of The Loop, as well as Chuck Goolsbee for breakfast at Lorie’s Diner. Grant and Ron from OWC stopped by our table for a second. Tonight is the Mac Manager’s get together at Beale Street Bar & Grill, as well as the Your Mac Life party.

MacWorld Conference and Expo

I will be attending at the MacWorld Conference and Expo. During which, I look forward to meeting with my contemporaries and mentors from around the nation, as well as attending a few seminars on some of the finer points of Macintosh Administration and Integration. I will be blogging continuously throughout the conference.

Please note that I will still be monitoring those clients that have server support contracts from San Francisco. For those that need onsite support, please call me and I will work out support with one of my local contemporaries during my absence.