Case Study: Floods of 2008

(Original article, posted to the Great Ape Trust blog on August 4th, 2008)

Since Day 2 of the flood, our primary server cluster has been residing at one of the offices of our friends at Mediacom. As this installation was not designed for travel, it was a daunting task to quickly disassemble, move and reassemble it into a foreign location.

The buildings needed to have quite a bit of technological repair that prevented the servers from coming back immediately after the water receded. With the servers out of the server room, we also decided to remodel. The new room allows for better usability, security and safety of the 13+ terabytes of data storage that is housed and maintained at Great Ape Trust.

We are pleased that the server cluster has made a successful return to our campus and has been running well for over a week. Moving the equipment back was a landmark event in the flood recovery, and took most of a day to perform.

Special thanks go to Mediacom’s Patrick Plynaar, Ray Davis, and Jeremy Ransom. Their coordination with their corporate office and Information Technology department made it possible to store our equipment in their secure data center.