About me

I realized that I should put some information about myself and Evolve on this blog, so here we go…

Jon Thompson is the owner, and currently the sole employee of Evolve. He started in IT in 1998, when he joined Dymle Construction, where he managed the IT infrastructure for that company. In 2001, he formed Jon Thompson Consulting, which was very similar to Evolve in that it was a Macintosh consulting company. In 2005, he sold that business to work for Great Ape Trust of Iowa, which was a once in a lifetime opportunity to provide IT services to not only humans, but bonobos and orangutans as well. Now, in 2009, he is re-building his consultancy with a new name -Evolve.

Evolve is a company dedicated to providing the best IT support to companies that money can buy. We specialize in Mac OS X-based solutions, and pride ourselves in working within mixed Windows, as well as entirely Apple networks. We have a particular fondness for Windows to Mac OS X migrations, which more often than not will result in a lower overall cost for IT. However, we do so with a careful eye on whether a Mac solution would indeed be more beneficial than the existing one, and will recommend staying with an existing solution if we perceive that

We have experience ranging from the smallest, one-man shop, to a multiple-server XSan solution. We’re adept in Open Directory, OD-AD Integration (Golden Triangle), MCX, Portable Home Directories, Network Home Directories, and some of the more obscure technologies as well.

One of the things that we tend to do is to assess your IT infrastructure during the initial consultation. This allows us to determine where weaknesses lie, whether they be in the network infrastructure, backup strategy, upgrade schedules, or elsewhere. Long term, this results in lower costs for the client, as I no longer have to spend countless hours chasing inadequacies that had been part of your IT prior to my arrival.

If you are interested in having Evolve handle your Mac IT needs, please contact us at jthompson <at> dmevolve <dot> com.