Mac Trojan Horse

I’ve always held the opinion that Macintoshes are worse off when running antivirus, as the threat is very low and the drawback is high as your computer runs shower and is often less stable. I still don’t suggest doing so. However, I want you to be aware of a threat that has come out today for the Mac:

In particular, it appears to be running under the certificate for “PhotoAlbum”, an example of which appears as an image in this email. If you receive this certificate, please press the cancel button (as you should for any untrusted certificate other than the ones that I’ve setup for your office.)

If you have pressed continue at this dialog, please contact me immediately.

I will be monitoring this situation, and will recommend other changes as they are necessary. If you feel that your organization needs antivirus, I will be happy to work with you on acquiring and installing it onto your Macs. I expect the particular security holes used in this trojan horse to be patched relatively quickly.

Please feel free to distribute this within your office as you feel is necessary, and contact me directly if you have any questions.