System Imaging for small business

I like deploying small business networks in a manner consistent with enterprise networks. Sometimes people don’t understand why I install imaging systems on a five computer network. The reason is efficiency. It makes more sense to manage these five (or ten, or 25) individual computers as one computer image, rather than individually. This allows me to better manage my time with your business, keeping your costs down.

For instance, a recent client was replacing part of their aging network with new iMacs. The time that it took to setup the image system, create the image, and install it on three computers was equal to the time that it took to use Apple Remote Desktop to configure two of the non-imaged machines that they did not want imaged. The additional benefit is that if there are problems with one of the iMacs, it is trivial to bring it back to a default state for their business, rather than a factory fresh computer that needs additional work to become productive.

I like to use DeployStudio for system images. It doesn’t add anything to the bottom line in terms of cost, and it has a well supported and vibrant community of administrators that utilize it.