Remembering Steve – part 1

The first time I emailed Steve, it was a little over ten years ago. I was on a now defunct mailing list that Apple hosted that discussed user interface topics.

One of the topics discussed was file extensions vs. the old Mac’s style of file type/creator. Mac OS X 10.1 was coming out, and was supposed to manage file extensions much better than 10.0. The mailing list, including myself, weren’t happy with the abandonment of the technology in the classic Mac OS for an inferior technology popularized by Windows.

Anyhow, I emailed a response to the list, and decided to carbon copy

Fifteen minutes later, I had an email in my inbox-

I think you’ll like the new file extension policy in 10.1 coming out late this month.


I responded with an equally short email saying that I already knew the policy, and it was the problem.

Fifteen minutes later, I had another response, this one a three paragraph explanation on why Type and Creator were dead.

I’m not posting that one.

Being a snarky kid (I was 24), I then thought- “This conversation started on the list, and it’s email, which isn’t private, it should go back to the list.” I know better now.

So I posted the whole conversation back to the list. The next day, I receive the last email I’d ever get from Steve…


You posted our communication on a message board.

Signing off,