Copying file paths in Mac OS X

Recently, I blogged about the danger of sending large files via email for Almost simultaneously, one of my clients asked me for a solution to easily copy and paste a file path from the Finder in Mac OS X Lion. This allows them to discuss shared files via email without the need to actually attach the file.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a solution built-in to Mac OS X. There’s a couple shareware products out that do it, but I felt it was too simple of a problem to pay per computer to solve. Instead, I created a simple Automator script that allows the user to do so via the services menu in the Finder.

Download: Copy URL of item(s)


  • To install it, open the zip file and double-click on it. Automator will ask if you want to install it. Do so.
  • To use it, right-click on a file or folder, go to the Services menu, and choose “Copy URL of item(s)”. It will place the URL in the clipboard.
  • The URL is a file:// style, which means that the recipient will need to have any servers mounted before they click on the link. Hopefully, I can figure out how to get the server address and connection protocol, so that I can fix that in a later version.

There is also no warranty of anything. If you like it, send a couple bucks my way via Dwolla.