Case Study: Removing regionalization from your business

I was talking to a single person business today, and the subject of de-regionalization came up. This individual has clients all over the nation, primarily corresponding by telephone and mail with those outside of the Des Moines metro. He has a three year old Windows PC, which is used as the sole computer for his business.

I quickly defined two ways that a Mac would improve his ability to communicate remotely using iChat, which is built in to Mac OS X.

First, I started up a video session with my wife, showing the fact that you can embed virtually any file within the video stream, making it very easy to share concepts; whether they are easily spoken about, drawn, presented, or written.

Second, I showed the built-in ability to share screens via iChat. The nice thing about this is that it automatically creates a voice chat session at the same time, so the two individuals can talk about what is happening on screen. This is useful for both my clients as well as those that are teaching computer-based concepts to remote clients.

Finally, I demonstrated what is quickly becoming the greatest benefit of utilizing Macs in business- Automation. I will talk about my general automation demonstration later.

I realize there are third-party solutions available to do all of this in Windows. However, the tools that I demonstrated were built in Mac OS X, and do not incur additional costs for software.

The individual in this case study is now considering how he might afford to replace his HP a couple years early, given the benefits of using a Mac, and the additional revenue opportunities it provides in de-regionalizing his business.