Online shopping and coupon codes

Mike Sansone at ConverStations suggested that I write a post about a tip that I’ve been using for quite some time to get deals online. I was quite surprised this morning when none of the people that showed up at Central Iowa Bloggers at 6-7AM had heard of using Google to search for coupon codes. The concept is rather simple. Just enter the website name into Google with the words “Coupon Codes” and a list of websites and online forums will appear listing deals for said website. These then are entered into the box on the website, usually labeled “Coupon Code,” “Promitional Code,” or something similar.

As for the information that comes into the search, I usually look for, which is a website dedicated to cataloging these types of codes, and it is always a good idea to return to the website to tell them whether the code worked for you. Not all of the deals work, as most have expiration dates, or quotas of some kind. The websites will usually give an error when the code does not work, which gives you an opportunity to enter a different code. Most often, these codes offer free shipping, percentages off, or a set dollar amount off.

Whenever I order something online, this is the last step that I perform before putting my credit card information into the website. It just makes sense to see what deals others are getting.

(FYI, the actual C.I.B. networking starts anywhere from 6-8, and gets over officially at 9, although there were several people there at 10:30 when I left.)